Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fundagelical Crazy of the Year

And the winner is ... Pastor Terry Jones, Koran burner.  The purported leader of a congregation of fifty (equally crazy) families.  The religious wacko who struts around the grounds of his "church" with a big iron on his hip.  The Fu Manchued nut case who put a book on trial, found it guilty and then burned it (lethal injection of a book doesn't really draw a crowd), thereby setting off a firestorm of retribution and costing seven U.N. workers their lives.  What's next, Pastor, the Book of Mormon?  (Be prepared, TJ, if convicted the Utah native might choose a firing squad - oh, I forgot, you've got that big iron.)  All of which raises more than a few questions. Would Mitt Romney ride to the rescue of the Book of Mormon?  And how many more equally crazy "pastors" are out there looking for something to burn?  (Or out here too?)  What would happen if somebody two fries short of a Happy Meal burned the Bible?  And, of course, the overpowering question: does all of this have anything to do with the big snowstorm yesterday that prevented moi from burning my sacred brush pile?