Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Harper vs. The Gang of Three

Canadian political drama at its best!  Topics emailed in by real people!  Riveting opening statements!  Incisive questioning!  Quick wit and repartee!  Spellbinding insight!  A turning point in an otherwise lacklustre election campaign!  Well, actually, none of the above (except for the emails from real people).  Last night's leader's debate was entirely too predictable.  The incumbent - under the inevitable attack from The Gang of Three - had to look calm, cool, collected and statesmanlike.  He did, albeit a bit stiffly.  The rabble opposite had the advantage of numbers, feigned righteous indignation, and the knowledge they wouldn't have to deliver on anything they promised.  They complied, with vigour.  Their only hope was to find that one area of soft underbelly, that one issue the Prime Minister might have been under-rehearsed in, and then to deliver a knock-out punchline that would be heard from the Bay of Fundy to Tofino and back, reverberating all the way to election day.  It didn't happen.  There was no soft underbelly (the PM's been on a diet), and his legendary temper was, well, entirely tempered.  Gilles Deception looked uncomfortable in his ill-fitting new suit, Michael Ignorant sounded haughty (surprise!), and Jack Lay It On looked old - you just don't show up for a nationally-televised debate with a moustache and cane, Jacko.  As I write this, the National Post straw poll has Harper winning 67% to 17% over Ignatieff, and the Globe and Mail has removed theirs entirely from their "polls" page rather than embarrass the Liberals - and I haven't even voted yet on all four of our laptops!  The nerve!