Tuesday, April 5, 2011

No Laws Against Stupidity?

The death toll in anti-Christian anti-U.S. riots protesting the burning of the Koran by nut case "pastor" Terry Jones now stands at 21.  Twenty-one good decent human beings, no doubt.  All dead because of a stupid and certainly un-Christian act.  Dead because some dipstick believed his god (and 30 equally deluded parishioners) wanted him to get out the kerosene rather than listen to the myriad human voices (from Petraeus to Obama and thousands of others) who pleaded with him to desist because of the danger to ... good decent human beings.  Their blood is on his hands forever, in my humble opinion.  And now - for his encore performance (TJ after all, loves the limelight like a six year-old) - he's going to put the Islamic prophet Mohammed on trial in his House of Love.  First put a book on trial, then a person who's been dead for eons - makes perfect sense to me.  One can only hope he gets struck dumb before that mock trial takes place.  There's no law against stupidity per se, and there never will be.  But there are laws against hate crimes, ie. the actions of stupid people, and they need to be enforced.