Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are You Russian?

I am always amazed when someone admits that they follow this space regularly.  I think most readers here must be family, friends of family, or friends and acquaintances of ours over the years, but the truth is I'll never know unless a signed comment is left or I'm emailed by one of you.  It's a bit of a strange feeling, really.  Because I am aware of some of my readers' names I suppose I am respectful of their views, but even then I am certain to upset some of them now and again with my occasional rants.  However, if there's one thing Google is good at (Blogger is a Google product), it's tracking statistics.  And since the inception of Out Here Too, readership by country is one of those stats that continually catches my eye.  Outside of the United States and Canada, the top ten countries my readers live in are: 3) the United Kingdom, 4) Japan, 5) Russia, and 6) Australia - before "gapping down" to Germany, Netherlands, China, and Brazil.  Now the UK and Japan I can understand (in the latter case you must be my beer buddies in Nagano reading and re-reading my series on the earthquake/tsunami after a few Kirin), but Russia placing ahead of Australia is a harder one to conjure.  Who in Russia is interested in this stuff, and why?  I know they're not big fans of Mormons, Muslims, or religion in general there - and they are big fans of democracy (the intelligentsia at least) and hockey - but there must be more to it than that.  Any suggestions?  Are you Russian?