Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Camping Until The Next Big Event

Harold Camping has come out of hiding (he took to a hotel to avoid the press) one day after the world didn't end as he had loudly predicted.  Imagine his surprise, "Ya mean I gotta pay for all that stuff from the mini-bar?  $4 for bottled water?  The end really is near!"  He has acknowledged that his second attempt calculations (he first predicted the world would end in 1994) were wrong, and that the actual Apocalypse will now take place all at once on October 21, 2011, rather than starting last Saturday and gathering steam thence.  He also intimated that there won't be such a widespread warning from him next time so write down the date, shut up and send money.  Having spent roughly $110 million of his followers' moolah on billboards and T-shirts advertising the Non-Big Event this time around, that's not a surprise.  (Betcha those T-shirts go on Ebay!  Get me one will ya?)  Some of his stupi-dupes even sold their houses, cashed in their retirement savings, and sold all their possessions to help publicize the N-BE, so I hope they don't get too many mosquito bites Camping in their pup tents this summer.  (Camping - why didn't I see that word association earlier?)  What we need is a "Chicken Little" law so we can lock up religious wackos making such ridiculous predictions instead of allowing them to foment nightmares in little kids' minds.  Especially mine.