Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Canada Elects Conservative Majority!

The final tally: Conservatives 167, Socialists 102, Adscammers 34, Separatists 4, Greenies 1.  The real story of Election 2011 yesterday was not the decimation of the Liberal Party of Canada and leader Michael Ignatieff's loss of his own seat.  The guy is an academic who means well (and gave a helluva parting speech) but couldn't connect with the man on the street after being parachuted in from Harvard and annointed by the party brass before he really knew what he was getting into.  (Face it, the Liberals have been shackled with the Adscam scandal by a public with a long memory - and divided by Chretien's stab-in-the-back to his anglophone successor, Paul Martin - a really decent man.  My prediction?  Now exposed as closet lefties, they'll join the NDP or evaporate into the ether.)  And the real story of the election was not that Green partier Elizabeth May can (and now will) out-shriek all 34 Liberals in parliament.  The real story of the election was not the annihilation of the Bloc Quebecois, the result of too much righteous negativity on the part of leader Gilles Duceppe (another leader who lost his seat - and hopefully that ill-fitting suit - last night) and a growing immigrant population that worked hard to get to Canada, works hard now that they're here, and showed they want to stay in Canada.  (Don't fear for the demise of separatism, however - those spoiled malcontents of Confederation will rear their FLQ heads in Quebec's next provincial election.  Yes, Quebec is a province - not a "nation", Gilles.)  And the real story of Election 2011 was not the ascension of the socialist NDP to Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition status by flirting dangerously with said separatist elements and promising dangerously to spend money the country can't afford.  (So convincing was Jack Lay It On's dangerous ruse, that Ruth Ellen Brosseau actually did win that francophone seat in Quebec even though she doesn't speak French, doesn't live there, and spent part of her campaign in Las Vegas as previously noted in this space.)  With neophyte rabble and wing-nuts like that elected under false pretenses for a caucus, Jacko will have his hands full even after the Libs come begging to get their orange t-shirts (they'll get them but with strings attached, I can assure you).   No, folks, the real story of Election 2011 is that the Conservatives went from 143 seats to 167seats and will form a well-deserved majority government.   Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty's careful stewardship of our ship of state through the treacherous waters of the financial meltdown and minority mayhem has been recognized by the Canadian electorate - and justly rewarded.  Steady as she goes, said Canada last night.  The budget that the opposition didn't bother to read will be passed - as will the omnibus crime bill long held up by the opposition, human-trafficking will be halted, public funding of political parties will cease, rapists/pedophiles/murderers will move into halfway houses across the street from the Parole Board members and judges that release them, and Canada will retain it's top-ranking with the IMF.  Like it or not, fellow Canadians, Canada will remain a great place to live, work, raise a family, and retire.  And now, let's hear from the Auditor-General.