Thursday, May 5, 2011

Canada's Most Wanted

All this talk of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted criminals in the wake of Osama Bin Laden's demise made me wonder who's on Canada's Most Wanted list.  In fact, there are several such lists, but I started with the Wanted By the RCMP list.  Only two terrorists there but lots of murderers, gangbangers and assorted other creeps.  The vast majority are home-grown (correction; naturalized) Canadians despite the fact our country has often been viewed by the U.S. as a good hiding place for their criminals - even though the Mounties' claim that they "always get their man".  (Our beloved national police force has taken a few hits lately with scandals in its upper echelons but hopefully it remains an effective crime-fighting force on the ground.  At least they seem to be able to nab elderly priests importing child pornography.)  Perusing the list makes one realize just how thin the veneer of civilization is in our society, because the list is ... long, to say the least, and these are just the "big fish".  The other impressions I got from reading the bios of these guys is that: a) they're mostly dangerous to those of their own ilk, and b) we could eliminate three-quarters of them by putting a razor-wire ten-foot chain-link fence around Toronto.  Could it be that the long-term salvation of Tee-O will be Stephen Harper's crime bills?  Could it be that Torontonians sick of crime were a force in the election?