Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Most Interesting Man In The World 7

He is a healer of men, and - although not a spelunker - such an expert explorer of dark tunnels that he is invited afar to do so (and also occasionally to present his findings to learned societies thereon).  Sometimes I think it's as if we were separated at birth, even though he is a refugee from The Troubles and I only seem to look for them.  And a dedicated family man is he, admirably and unfailingly supporting five offspring.  The development of wind power usurped much of his spare time for a decade (and southern Alberta is the better for it) yet he modestly downplays his contribution thereto.  His passion was windsurfing as a younger man - these days travel, skiing, golf, and gourmet cooking occupy his spare time.  Scotch is his preferred poison, though he is not above Irish Whiskey in a pinch, and and he was weaned on Guinness.  Little known to most, he is a competitive swimmer of national stature - and a wannabe grease monkey, not scared to get a little grime under his fingernails attempting to make one good truck out of two or three or ...  Always impeccably dressed and carefully coiffed, he is yet sometimes found in nefarious company playing billiards between quaffs.  And he is an esteemed member of the illustrious BWW, thereby logically a fan of Asleep At The Wheel and late night greasyburgers in bowling alleys.  Who is he?  He is the most interesting man in the world!