Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Organ Donors Hit The Road Again

Literally.  There will be at least 220 highway deaths on motorcycles in Canada this year.  (My son-in-law the paramedic - no shrinking violet himself (scuba enthusiast, backcountry hiker, etc.) - scrapes enough of them off the highway every year that he christened them "organ donors" a long time ago.  You couldn't pay him to own one himself.)  Sure I rode my cousin's Yamaha all one summer back when I was eighteen and had a blast doing so.  At eighteen all kids think they're immune to personal injury.  I also remember, as a younger kid, coming upon the scene of a motorcycle club disaster on a mountain highway.  Bikes and bodies were everywhere (two died as I recall) - all because of a single pothole!  The fact of the matter is, tooling down the highway on a machine instead of in a machine is just plain more dangerous.  Period.  Talk all you want about your "right to the road" - you can be right and still be dead, as the old saying goes.  A few years back I bought a sports car.  Although lots of fun for a few years, eventually it succumbed to practicality.  Now I notice a buddy of mine is thinking of getting rid of his Corvette.  Why?  Mostly because the thrill has been satisfied (he's had it five years), but also because he worries out loud about animals on the road.  Come to think of it, animals and motorcycles can't be a good mix either.