Monday, June 27, 2011

59%, eh?

According to a recent poll 59% of Republicans support Mitt Romney for Republican presidential candidate.  That means that 59% of Republicans want as their President someone who believes: a) that the Garden of Eden was in Missouri, b) that anyone, alive or dead, can be baptized against their wishes and then "sealed for eternity" (married) to members of the Mormon church whether acquainted or not, and whether married to someone else or not, and c) that a woman's place is barefoot and (repeatedly) pregnant in the kitchen, among other not-so-quaint beliefs.  Now that sounds like putting America on the right path to me.  Yikes!  The weird baptism and marriage practices of the Moron church can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, as evidenced by the following true story.  My father had a little old lady patient who confided that she thought he was such a wonderful fellow that she had married him in the afterlife ("Celestial Kingdom", for you uninformed), and she then presented him with a Book of Mormon.  He immediately told her "to get out of his office and never come back".  (My mother's language when he told her about the episode that evening was a little more colorful.)  Strangely, I never had a similar experience when I was practicing, and hopefully I'll be deemed to be beyond redemption after death - but you never know, I suppose they could seal me just to torment me.  (Ever wonder why the Mormons are so into genealogy that they hollowed out a mountain to safeguard "family records"?  And why is based in Provo, Utah?)  Don't get me started.  

TODAY'S GOOD NEWS:  NASA reports that an asteroid will not slam into Earth today, it will miss by 7500 miles (12,000 km).