Sunday, June 5, 2011

An Arab Spring in Canada?

Okay, stop laughing now.  From The National Post: "A Senate page was arrested and fired after staging an anti-government protest in the middle of the Senate chambers as Governor-General David Johnston read the Speech from the Throne Friday.  Brigette DePape, a 21-year-old University of Ottawa graduate 10 months into a prestigious internship with the Senate, stunned the packed chamber by walking to the middle of the room dressed in her black-and-white page uniform and holding up a homemade stop sign that read 'Stop Harper.' ...  Even as she was in custody, Ms. DePape immediately issued a press release, referring to herself as Brigette Marcelle, in which she said 'This country needs a Canadian version of an Arab Spring,'  In an essay Ms. DePape wrote for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, where she was a summer intern last year, the Winnipeg native described how she had been galvanized by taking part in the G20 protests in Toronto last summer ..."  Not the sharpest tool in the shed, I'd say.  First of all, it disturbs me that she belittles the heroic efforts of those oppressed people in the Middle East who are fighting and dying every day so that they can have - guess what - a democracy like the one this spoiled brat works for.  Second, I am bothered by her obvious distain for our electoral process and the wisdom of the Canadian electorate just because she may not agree with the outcome of our recent federal election.  (Of course maybe she didn't vote, but at least she had the opportunity.)  And finally the question is: why did she give a false name when arrested?  Was it a simple case of trying to spare her parents some embarrassment?  Early onset dementia?  Had she been smoking something?  Who knows.  Maybe she can't handle all the freedom and democracy in this country.