Thursday, June 2, 2011

Intercourse And The "F" Word

It was with considerable trepidation yesterday that I posted Another Reason We Don't Need Bears (attempted Russian commentary on a true story about a Christina Lake, B.C. grow-op busted last year) due to the fact that it contained "the F word" (as my wife so delicately puts it) - even though it was in disguise, sort of.  Now I don't mind throwing that word around with the best of them when on a ski trip with the boys, playing pool with the boys, digging ditches with the boys, or discussing politics with the boys, particularly after a few brewskis.  However, as soon as one of the gentler sex enters the room the "F" word is verboten in my world.  Call me a prude, a throwback, whatever, I don't care.  And when ladies are within earshot I find myself becoming acutely aware of others using the F-bomb too.  After wincing a couple of times I'll usually say something to, or steer our group away from, the aural offender - inevitably some pimple-faced punk hip-hopster showing his ignorance.  I remember several years ago a debate erupted in the national press re: the acceptability of F-word in everyday intercourse, many of the younger voices arguing that its usage was so pervasive that we oldies should just "get over it".  I disagreed then, and I haven't changed my mind since.