Sunday, June 19, 2011

Snopes: Rumour Has It

Have you ever received an email from a well-meaning friend, either forwarded or with an attachment, warning of some ominous event, con game or health hazard?  (It seems we regularly do at our house.)  It's often hard to know what to believe and what is baloney these days (because truth really is stranger than fiction), the result being that often people will forward this stuff on to their friends and family "just to be safe".  Well, now you can confidently sort these emails and rumours out for yourself. is the site to go to when you're in this sort of quandary.  They specialize in tracking down, analyzing, and publishing the facts about every internet rumour, urban myth, and outright lie foistable on the public.  (The amazing thing about some of these email "warnings" analyzed by the good people at Snopes is how old they are, yet they're still looping in cyberspace.)  So before you forward that email about "Five Things You Didn't Know Your Cell Phone Could Do" - or criminals handing out business cards with enough drug on them to overpower you for their nefarious purposes - look them up on  It could not only save you some embarassment if they're B.S., it could save your life if they're not!