Friday, June 3, 2011

Why So Many Adverse Weather Events?

As we Albertans sit drenched from weeks of rain and a melting mega-snowpack, while to the east and south of us people are experiencing heat waves and tornadoes, the question is ... "why am I growing gill slits at this age?"  Climate Change is the answer of course, caused by Global Warming.  People mistakenly think that global warming means everybody everywhere on the planet starts to sweat a little more.  Wrong.  Global Warming causes Climate Change - some areas get warmer, some actually will get cooler -  and the climate everywhere changes.  That's why, around here, our winds are stronger and we're getting more precipitation lately (which at least is better than getting drier as the American southwest is).  And it's also why there are more "adverse" weather events around the globe.  Get used to it.  As I write this I can hardly believe my ears.  CNBC ("first in business worldwide") is running a special on adverse weather events and one of their weather guys even mentioned Climate Change as one of the possible causes.  Joe Kernan and Larry Kudlow must be frothing at the mouth.  And my Tea Party buddy, Rush - who believes Global Warming is a UN plot against the U.S. - won't like it either.  Not to mention my other buddy, Norris, who attributes all recent adverse weather events to sun spot activity.  Like I said before, I don't know if Global Warming is causing Climate Change (although I strongly suspect it is); my point has always been that we can't afford to be wrong on this issue.  After all, I have grandkids.