Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wogglebug's Day

As I am sure by now many of you know that my father is not a man of few words and most certainly not a noggin of few thoughts.  After looking to The Most Interesting Man In The World’s favorite “source” (Wikipedia), I discovered the history of this day.  Among other “facts” from Wikipedia, it stated that today was a holiday complementary to that of Mother’s Day.  This is not a shocking realization; however it does fit with my father’s modest personality (at least in this sense).  He may "Balfour Shuffle" across any dance floor, sing as loudly as he can to Asleep At The Wheel, and be completely comfortable wearing pool cue chalk on a retractable key chain on his waist, but he will also always give recognition and credit to his wife before accepting any for himself.  Although my mother most certainly deserves equal acknowledgement, my father is a man with a lot to be proud of. He was a chemistry major in university.  (I wish more of those genes had been passed to me.)  He was accepted into dental and medical schools on his first try – something you would not know unless you asked him.  He is a husband, best friend, and forever a gentleman to his wife.  He has been a dad, a best friend, and a coach to each of his children.  Instead of only making it to our games, he was there (we were all there) at least 15 minutes early and did not leave until each kid on the team was picked up by their parents.  He built up a highly reputable dental practice and since moving back to the Jewel of the West, has continued to be a respected and cherished member of the community.  While running his own dental practice and being very active in the community, he still found time to spend with his family every day.  Each dinner was a sit-down dinner, each sport became another opportunity for family time and support, and each vacation was a family vacation.  Whether traveling the world with his world champion ski-racer son, driving to Wyoming to visit and enjoy the company of his intelligent daughter, or flying to Hawaii to move his goofy youngest child again, he was happy to do it and showed through his actions that he would not want it any other way.  To his friends he is The Balf - a social butterfly, a true friend, a gentleman, and an intellect.  To his wife, he is Dave - a quirky man, a person always there to give support and care, a man with a soft spot and indescribable respect for her.  To his kids he is Dad – the man that always made us feel safe, who takes care of and is devoted to his family, a source of continual support and inspiration, a man who has re-learned his kids in their adult lives and has gained even more respect from each of them, and the best person we could have ever wished to have as our father.  I love you Dad!  Happy Father’s Day!  LEB