Monday, July 18, 2011


          No, canoeing in the great outdoors for exercise and inspiration is not what I'm talking about here. The BWW, the Boys' Weekend in Whitefish, the Boys' Weekend in the Woods - call it what you will - it's a yearly rite with some out here.  An institution.  That annual opportunity to eat giant burgers and steaks, greasy pizzas, imbibe too much several days in a row, and tell lies to your buddies.  No salads on this weekend.  Just red meat and male bonding.  Getting in touch with your inner masculinity.  Cigars, bad language, crude jokes, funny stories, the BWW has it all.  Sore facial muscles from the one-liners that years later you wish you'd written down.  Perhaps some skiing or fishing thrown in as an excuse for the get-together in the first place.  Perhaps some roughhousing, some friendly tussling matches, maybe even squaw wrestling if the ground's not too rocky.  Yeah, the BWW has it all. 
          But it can also be enlightening, even cathartic.  You might only see some of these guys once a year.  Every one of you does something different for a living, lives in a different part of town (or a different town altogether), and has a different viewpoint, but you're all roughly the same age and experiencing the same things in life.  Money, politics, wives, kids, employers, jobs, houses, friends and foes all get discussed.  You learn things from - and about - each other.  (One year I came home with a new estate plan, courtesy of advice from a lawyer on the BWW - and he decided to get his teeth fixed!)  Some guys will push the envelope on the BWW, and all will learn from watching the results.  There can be poignancy too.  Family tragedies, a divorce, a job lost since the last get-together, every one of these life events (and more) will happen to some of the guys on the BWW over time.  Sooner or later for some reason a guy will feel reticent to come to the BWW, and need the encouragement (maybe even a physical pick-up) of his buddies to do so.  Eventually some guys will stop coming to the BWW for some reason, and others will be added.  The group will morph.  But regardless of these subtle changes in personnel the BWW will go on, as it should.
         The BWW.  My wife always encouraged me to go.  She said I always came back mentally (if not physically) refreshed, and with a grin on my face.  That the BWW was "good" for me.  Smart lady, my wife.

TODAY'S GOOD NEWS:  The BWW lives on in the next generation!