Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Cyber War Is On

     The Cyber War is on.  (Is there an echo in here?)  Also called a code war, the current state of affairs is comparable "to Europe in 1938" according to today's article by on Bloomberg.  In case you're a new reader of this space, or have been living under a rock, this article is an excellent one to read to bring yourself up to speed.  Click on the link and take in every word, for your own safety.  Maybe the next time the lights go out it won't be because of a thunderstorm.  It's time for all of us to ask "is the organization that I work for part of a critical infrastructure, what is it doing to protect against hackers, and what is the worst case scenario if we lose control of our systems?  My very sage father-in-law always advises my kids to "never trust anyone".  Unfortunately, in today's world, he's increasingly correct - especially when China, Russia, and their state-sponsored hackers, are our new "friends".

Today's Good News: Prices on electric generators haven't spiked yet!