Sunday, July 24, 2011

Four Eyes Aren't Enough

          Growing up back in the fifties when it seemed like hardly anyone wore glasses, I was periodically subjected to teasing about my eyewear ("four eyes", "wogglebug", etc.).  There was an even earlier decade when "men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses" was a popular saying.  (Marcia MacMillan, the CTV News anchor, comes to mind immediately, doesn't she?  Too bad she caved for contact lenses.  So hard on the eyes - lenses that is, not Ms. Mac!)  As it turns out, I wished the other day that I had more than "four eyes".  I always watch my day-trading stock screen set on 2-minute candles (with email alerts and two spreadsheets activated, as well as a browser logged in to a stock analysis website I like; Stockscores) on laptop #1, while my Dell netbook is tuned to Twitter messages from 35 sources (sometimes with ooVoo chat on in the background, and CNBC or BNN is on the TV situated between the two so I can "keep an eye" on the overall state of the market.  To the right of the TV, on laptop #2, are alerts from a second email address, another spreadsheet, another browser for miscellaneous tasks like research and blogging/tweeting, and a game of solitaire activated (the latter for slow market days to keep me occupied while I listen to business news on the TV, waiting for a trading opportunity).  That morning, however, I added laptop #3 to the other 4 screens to watch my wife's email for an important message from some old friends, and was switching back and forth between CNBC and Le Tour de France.  That's one screen - and one TV feed - two many - even for old "four eyes"!

TODAY'S GOOD NEWS:  Thirty-five years with a special lady easy on my eyes!