Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Matter Scatological

Note To Hotel Housekeeping Staff Everywhere: Please don't fold the last sheet of the toilet paper roll in my room into any cute little design just to let me know that you're thinking of me and taking care of every little thing for me.  (Maybe try vacuuming under the bed if you really want to impress me.)  I am as big a fan as anyone of Origami, but not the toilet tissue square type.  I know that you are paid to do so, and I know that you always try to do your best, but the thought of someone else's fingers having manipulated a square of toilet paper that just might brush upon or (horrors!) penetrate the orifice it was designed to be used near is too much for me to bear, and I didn't get a good sleep last night as a result.  I know your hands are clean.  I know you are a good person.  I know I am being picky and prudish - but I don't care. Please, just don't do it.  Leave me an extra chocolate on my pillow, and I'll know you care.  Thanks.

TODAY'S GOOD NEWS: The hotel has a shuttle bus.