Friday, July 15, 2011

Organ Donors 2

          Further to my earlier post on the subject, the recent fifty-something Harley-Davidson cruising craze just adds to the usual highway motorcycle carnage this time of year IMHO.  Said fad always seemed a bit juvenile to me, I must admit.  I've tried to understand it, but can't.  Does it have something to do with wearing a do-rag on your balding head and trying to look like a Hell's Angel?  Or is it just a case of high-tech touring cycles meeting available and money?  Maybe it's just that sitting at a desk for thirty years didn't involve enough risk for these guys.  (Their Harley will provide lots of that.)  If I see another "My Grampa Went to Sturgis to Get It On" t-shirt I think I'm gonna hurl.  I dunno, I saw a retired local professional on his "hog", wearing a faded, shabby, sleeveless jean jacket with some sort of crest on the back a couple of weeks ago and had to stifle a chuckle.  In fact, I can only think of one close friend (whom I greatly respect) that has succumbed to this fad, and still can't figure out his motivation.  (He's an engineer though, so it must be something mechanical.)  Hey, remember my previous post about women being attracted sexually to "bad boys"?  Maybe these guys adopt the "bad boy" biker persona to attract women, to try for a "walk on the wild side" instead of taking Viagra or buying a head rug.  Which raises the question of what the wives of these guys back home think about the whole black leather hog schtick.  And then there's Sarah Palin, who arrived at a biker rally ... and Vladimir Putin ... and, oh well, I guess by now you know the type: aging attention seekers.  (With apologies to Denis.)

TODAY'S GOOD NEWS:  It's Friday!