Monday, July 4, 2011

Parasite Go Home? Irony in Quebec

We now take a brief respite from our tales of the "old west" for a story from "down east": Parasites in Quebec!  Although I wouldn't cross the street to see "Wills and Kate" (well, maybe to see Kate - she bears a striking resemblance to my wife at the same age, sans dimples), I thought it a bit "over the top" when they were greeted with signs of "Parasite Go Home" in Montreal while visiting cancer patients at a children's hospital.  To my mind, that's a clear case of "the pot calling the kettle black".  Quebec is the widely acknowledged spoiled brat of the Canadian constitutional family.  (It was "inadequately conquered" way back when, IMHO, and the Liberal Party of Canada has kowtowed to that province in an attempt to stay in power ever since.)  If there is a parasite on Canadian confederation, Quebec is surely it.

TODAY'S GOOD NEWS:  Le Tour de France, one of my favourite sporting events, has begun!