Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beware The Chalkmeister!

          Now I'm not the billiard god, but I enjoy a good game of eight ball as much as the next guy.  And being a highly psychological contest, when you're playing pool it's not a bad idea to try to intimidate your opponent a bit.  The first step in unsettling him (or her) is commonly accomplished by opening up an expensive case and assembling an exotic-looking pool cue with - of course - great flourish.  My own favourite cue is far from exotic or expensive.  And it's a one-piece at that.  But it does have an 8-ball floating in some aquamarine fluid in a compartment next to Elvis Presley's autograph!  Pretty hi-tech if I say so myself.  (Okay, I doubt if he or his heirs even know his signature is on there, but - hey - it could be his autograph.)  However, over the years I've learned that real pool sharks don't bring custom cues to the table to intimidate - they bring their own cue tip chalk!  (Mine is in a rubber holder on the end of a retractable cord that has a clip for my belt.  Pretty stunning I have to admit.)  So try it fellas, get yourself a retractable-pool-cue-tip-chalk-holder and really put 'em off their game!  You'll thank me for this.  Really.

Today's Good News:  Three sleeps until Loofy's house!