Monday, August 15, 2011

Hoodie = Hoodlum

        The "hoodie" has become the uniform of the hoodlum ("a gangster or similarly violent young criminal").  I'm not talking here about the one from your alma mater worn with pride around the firepit while camping with old friends on a chilly summer evening, or the one with your kid's soccer team logo emblazoned on the front and "Dave" or "Coach"on the sleeve that you bought to support the team - but has hung in your closet unworn ever since.  I'm talking about oversized designer-logoed (if it has a logo at all) grey or black one that you see on inner-city punks and suburban mallrats.  You know the look; baggy hip-hop jeans halfway down the crack of their ass, wallet chains, unlaced Nike basketball boots, pierced face, cellphone in hand, belligerent look.  If this picture is your kid, he's headed for trouble; show him a little tough love and then sign him up for soccer.  If he's not your kid, donate money to an inner-city soccer program.

The Good News: The herd appears okay but the veggies suffered while we were away.