Monday, August 1, 2011

It Ain't Over ...

Gourmet Pizza
... until it's over.  Nice little pop in the stock futures this morning after Obama's eleventh hour announcement (aimed specifically at the opening of the Asian markets last night) that "we have a deal".  Not so fast.  The bloated, vulnerable underbelly of the U.S. has been exposed - its super-polarized electorate.  Let's not forget the overriding motivation behind every democratically-elected politician on the face of the earth: to get democratically-re-elected.  And a goodly number of both Democrats and Teapublicans won't if this deal goes through.  So, it won't go through.  My predictions: a) Obama is forced to invoke the 14th amendment, b) the Teapublicans go wild and attempt to impeach him, c) Boehner is out as Speaker of the House, d) the American people toss the Teapublicans in 2012, e) Obama gets a second term after a serious revolt in his own party, and f) Al's Pizza franchises itself before eventually going public.  Ya gotta love the Excited States of America!
Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Today's Good News: We had a very pleasant evening around the fire pit last night.  Quite the star show.  Reminded me of this painting.