Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Royally Dumb Idea

Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta
The word "Royal" should not be added back to the name of our Canadian Forces, period.  Whether it be to stimulate the economy or because Peter MacKay is so smitten with Kate Middleton (she's married after all) that no expense is to be spared to somehow re-attach ourselves to a largely dysfunctional regal family, this is a DUMB idea.  Since its removal from the "Canadian Land, Sea, and Air" contingents over 40 years ago (which I opposed at the time) virtually every soldier, sailor, and airman who served under the "Royal" moniker has been retired at least a decade.  It's over.  That was then, this is now.  Our fighting forces are not like some hockey arena that you can just add a corporate sponsor's name to - in this case, for nothing in return.  Let's show some pride in Canada.  Our fighting men and women did a good job in Afghanistan, and we're proud of them.  We don't need an artificial umbilical to a nation in decline.  Get over it.

The Good News:  We had a great visit with LEB & Co.