Monday, August 22, 2011

Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge is one of my favourite blogs.  As a matter of fact, it currently IS my favourite blog (sorry, Jeff).  Why?  One reason is because nobody knows who writes it.  Sure, it's written under the Tyler Durden nom de plume, but that's just a pen name borrowed from a Brad Pitt movie.  Nobody really knows if the writer is a he, she, or - more likely - them.  All I know is that Zero Hedge often scoops stories long before they hit the mainstream press, that it is highly irreverent ("shit disturber" comes to mind on occasion), that it's pretty obvious these folks are (or more likely, were) Wall Street-connected or at least are highly WS-saavy, that they admit to being "conflicted" (as in "conflict of interest"), and that therefore one should read their articles with a critical eye.  The latest ZH uproar comes as a result of a post thereon questioning the financial stability of Canadian banks.  That little number made a few of us self-righteous Canucks sit up straight and elicited a "who are those guys?" rebuttal in the venerable Globe and Mail.  Interesting, though, the flurry of comments to the G&M piece (mostly from diehard ZH fans like me), shows how widely these guys are read - but not much else.  Ya gotta love it.

The Good News:  Send me some, my sailboat leaks.