Friday, September 2, 2011

The Costs of Immigration, Part 2

Is that you, Stephen?
Predictable responses to the Fraser Institute's release of its study earlier this summer concluding that immigrants cost us more than they benefit us are inevitably tinged with words like disingenuous (tantamount to "lying"), and suggestive phrases such as "I'm in the lifeboat, pull up the ladder", as well as outright assertions of racism.  It makes me wonder if it is ever possible in this country to intelligently discuss immigration without being called racist.  Let's get this point straight right now: there is only one species of human on the face of the earth genetically - we are all equal and racism is abhorrent.  That said, unfettered immigration into Canada has costs that even the Fraser Institute did not put a dollar figure on, namely the changes to Canadian society that modern immigrants demand.  If you came here because you didn't like the way things were back home, why are you trying to change the Canadian way of life into something resembling the way things were back home?  In light of the government's recent conclusion that Canada demographically can't support its aging Boomer generation's social benefits without a relatively massive increase in immigration - and its announced intent to consult Canadians about what kinds of immigrants we want - the ability to openly discuss these issues is essential.  Perhaps that's what Harper's visit to the Sikh community in Vancouver was all about this week, laying some groundwork for just such a discussion.

The Good News:  LEB scored big-time yesterday, winning what can only be referred to as a set of "distinctive" luggage!  Stay tuned for more.