Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dimon Versus Carney: Round 2

Mark "The Carnivore" Carney (hi-ya!)
And in this corner, weighing in according to The Globe and Mail:  "On Sunday, 48 hours after [JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon's verbal assault on Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney], Mr. Carney delivered a speech to global bankers at the Institute of International Finance, warning them “it is hard to see how backsliding [on implementing new Basel III capital rules] would help” the global economy.  “If some institutions feel pressure today, it is because they have done too little for too long, rather than because they are being asked to do too much, too soon,” he said.  In his speech, Mark The Shark said: “Authorities are increasingly hearing concerns about the pitch of the playing field for Basel III implementation.  Everyone is claiming to be a boy scout while accusing others of juvenile delinquency.”  Ouch!  Where's that ice bag?

The Good News:  The referee in this melee is Lloyd Blankfein, with luck he'll emerge with a shiner too!