Sunday, September 4, 2011

I've Hannah Enough!

This Fish Stinks!
So Daryl Hannah was arrested yesterday in front of the White House for protesting against the XL pipeline.  The pipeline that would bring synthetic crude from the Athabasca oil sands to refineries in the southern U.S., enhance American energy independence from the middle east, and create tens of thousands of jobs the instant it is approved.  The pipeline which, if I recall correctly, has been approved by every pertinent environmental agency on both sides of the border (some of them twice), and has been sitting on Obama's desk for months awaiting his signature.  Does Daryl prefer oil from Nigeria, where the oil biz has fuelled armed rebels and devastated whole water systems?  Or perhaps she prefers oil from totalitarian sheikdoms who funnel U.S. oil revenue to Islamic terrorist organizations?  Does she realize that over 70% of oil sands bitumen is now extracted by a hot steam process that doesn't require strip mining?  Would Daryl rather have the flower of U.S. youth killed in useless invasions of countries like Iraq just to secure a dependable oil supply?  Does she like the idea of shipping oil halfway around the world in tankers across fragile oceans?  My disdain for celebrities runneth over (again).  She's lucky she's not a real mermaid, choking on an oil slick somewhere or trying to find dinner in an aquatic dead zone caused by agricultural chemicals.

The Good News:  We can always ship Canadian oil to China if the Yanks don't want it!