Friday, September 16, 2011

Once a Perv, Always a Perv

So I've been taken to task by a loyal reader for supporting Harper's "get tough on crime" program when what's really needed is more money for prevention, ie. early intervention during the school years to prevent kids from turning to crime in the first place.  The two are not mutually exclusive, but we may still differ on the details.  Just to be clear, I totally agree with prevention/intervention - say, up to a kid's 19th birthday.  Not that they should be allowed to run wild until they're 19, but let's offer them both treatment and incarceration (if they warrant it) until age 19 - and incarceration only after that for sex offenders.  A sex offender is untreatable in my view, and our first duty as a society is to protect the vulnerable.  Throw away the key where sex offenders are concerned.  (Or, if they continue to be released to halfway houses, etc., these facilities should be next door/across the street/across the fence from the judge/parole board chairman who releases them.  No more "out of sight, out of mind", Your Honour.)  I don't believe sex offenders are ever "safe", let alone "cured".  Case in point: Randall Peter Hopley, the prime suspect in the recent abduction of Kienan Hebert, who was awaiting trial in Pincher Creek on Sept. 19th for break and enter with intent to commit mischief, etc. when Little Kienan disappeared.  It now turns out that Hopley was discovered at a remote cabin in May 2010 by its Calgary owners.  "Hopley emerged from the cabin wearing women's pyjama bottoms ... Later, inside the cabin, they found what [they] called "a house of horrors".  Sex toys, various lotions and lubricants, diapers, children's movies and "hundreds" of pieces of kids clothing ... while not illegal, should have raised flags ... Blairmore RCMP shared his concerns, and he was surprised to learn Hopley had been released from jail pending the break-in at their place.  Aside from 11 break-in convictions, Hopley was found guilty of a sexual assault in 1985" (Calgary Sun)  He had also been charged with an attempted abduction of a child after that.  How does a convicted sex offender, suspected of turning a remote cabin into a children's house of horrors, who has already attempted an abduction, get released?

The Good News:  Our ISP is changing email vendors this weekend - a 48 hour transition - so the pile of emails Sunday night should be ... hey, they're electronic, should I be talking about a battery - or something else - of emails instead of a pile?