Saturday, September 10, 2011

Perverts Among Us

Randall Hopley                        Kienan Hebert
A Sparwood, BC, 3 year-old is missing and the subject of a frantic search in the Crowsnest Pass area - as is the search for a convicted sex offender.  The authorities have reason to believe that the two are linked but won't say why.  The hope is, of course, that they aren't.  But what if they are?  What if the worst case scenario unfolds?  What is to be done with murderers and rapists of children?  The suspect in this case was convicted of a sex crime at age 21 (he's now 46), and has a list of offences since then as long as your arm.  He apparently was out on bail awaiting trial on several charges including breaking and entering, and theft involving a cabin in the remote bush found to contain, among the stolen goods, various sexual paraphernalia.  I am outraged by cases like this.  My thoughts: 1) sexual deviants are incurable.  2) Protection of the public must take precedence over any rights of these perverts.  3) Death is too good for child sex offenders/murderers.  4) Castration would be a good first step, followed by being skinned alive.  5) Our justice system has failed a little child again.  Until halfway houses for paroled sexual deviants are built right next door to the houses of the judges and parole board members who coddle them I fear this sort of sickening crime will continue.  Read more at: 3 year-old is missing

The Good News:  Can't think of any at the moment.