Saturday, September 3, 2011

We Don't Go There That Often - Honest!

Distinctive Luggage (seen at right) ... as opposed to "luggage of distinction", is what LEB won this week (3 pieces, hard-sided, expandable, subtle graphics) in a draw at the local liquor store.  To fully understand her thrill at such a smile of fortune you have to understand that this family is not in the habit of winning prizes in draws, lotteries or any other such enticing forms of speculation.  Oh sure, there was the "Complete Detailing" (of one's car, for the uninitiated) certificate that we won last year as a door prize at a health foundation fundraiser ("a $210 value"), recompense from Lady Luck I'm sure for dropping about $500+ at said event (and we got off lightly at that).  I know it sounds miserly, but we could probably have hired a kid for $50 to "detail" both vehicles in half the time taken by the certificate-issuers.  At any rate, we appear to be luckiest at liquor store draws such as this one - despite the infrequency of our visits thereto.  (We don't need to visit liquor store very often because we buy a lot when we do show up.  Just kidding.)  But seriously, it doesn't look good when your picture (they always insist on a photo) is hanging in a small town liquor store as if it's your second home.  My wife was ecstatic about her first win at the very same liquor store years ago - a "collectible" porcelain old-time-Christmas-village-in-winter-on-your-mantle manor house ostensibly worth $350 (ya right) - until she saw her picture still hanging in the liquor store a year later.  Oh well, we've swallowed our pride this time and decided we will keep entering liquor store draws when we saw what this guy in Airdrie put on Kijiji Calgary mere hours after his win.  Eat your hearts out, beer luggage collectors, this set ain't for sale!  (But call LEB with a ridiculous offer if you just have to.) 

The Good News:  The three pieces retail online for $____ plus GST, sans Corona graphics.