Tuesday, October 11, 2011

30,000 And Counting

Out Here 2 saw its 30,000th visitor sometime yesterday, so it's probably a good time to take stock of where we've been with this little "web log"- and where we hope to go.  OH2 started out pretty much on a dare about a year and a half ago.  Certain family and friends thought some sort of outlet for the ravings of a this madman might be a good idea, and encouraged me gently to vent somewhere other than at the kitchen table/local pub.  (One of said instigators actually said, "Balf, I'd hate to be inside your head, it's a scary place!"  Thanks, DH.)  The original Out Here blog lasted about two weeks, and became Out Here Too upon its migration to Blogger.com.  (Out Here Two is hence just as accurate a moniker as Out Here Too.)  As I said, the idea was to provide an outlet several times a week for the more outlandish ideas I had so that friends and family wouldn't have to listen to them in "polite society".  Little did any of us know that OH2 would become a daily rant - or that it would contain as much "political economy" as it does.  (A recent improvement - we hope - has been to restrict serious commentary to weekdays, and the off-the-wall stuff for the weekends.  Take your choice.)  At any rate, have a look around while you're here, try the Search OH2 function for example ("sex" is a search I haven't tried, but I can guarantee you'll be disappointed in the results), or you can bring up all posts with a certain label (try "libations") by clicking on the Index term.  And if you think you read a good one in, say, June of 2010, you can always go to the OH2 Archives to find it.  I know 30,000 visits isn't much in today's blogosphere, but considering that OH2 is so eclectic in nature it's not bad.  (Single-issue blogs attract larger audiences sooner, but there's just too much interesting going on out here today to restrict myself to atheism or politics or economics or cyber warfare or ... well you get the idea.)  Another hint: I am increasingly "tweeting" during the day, so if you're inclined to receive those 140-character bursts sign up at left - and don't forget to download "The Best of OH2" as well (shameless plug).  And now, recalling that OH2 claims to be "always brief", I'm outta here!  Thanks for stopping by.
Postscript:  Can someone from Russia tell me why I'm so popular over there?  (Russia is my third-largest audience since inception by a wide margin, after Canada and the U.S., according to Google.)

The Good News:  I have three team members occasionally riding herd on me!