Friday, October 7, 2011

Earth to Erin Burnett

"You're out of touch with the real world (again)."  From a hero yesterday - Steve Jobs - to a bum today, Erin Burnett.  Long-time readers of this space will remember when I called Erin Burnett on her glib remark and laughter about "that school district in Norway" that was forced into bankruptcy during the financial meltdown as a result of investing in sub-prime-backed Wall Street crappola.  Since then she has left CNBC for a bigger pay cheque at CNN, and three shows into her first season has managed to piss off the vast majority of her viewers by mocking the protesters at Occupy Wall Street, and baiting Michael Moore - who many believe is at least as credible (if not more so) than your average investment banker/tycoon.  Wall Street's "Sweetie" as she is known from her many years in front of the CNBC cameras as Mark Haine's foil, is one of those too perky, spoiled brats that I can't stand.  If you're lucky and privileged enough to have an audience such as she (had), why not show some serious sober second thought once in a while, maybe even empathize just a smidge with the millions of middle class Americans who are out there hurting right now.  But whatever you do, don't mock them.  Michael Moore is big enough to take care of himself, but it is just downright nasty to mock your average working stiff or grandmother trying to make ends meet.  Shame on you, Perky.

The Good News:  There is hope however; Erin can retire from the media altogether, marry her Citigroup executive fiance, and raise the next generation of uppity, perky little snots!