Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street II

So how's that OWS thing going for ya'll?  Despite good evidence (courtesy of the Business Insider) that the protesters have at least some factual basis for their sloganeering - "we are the 90%" appears to be more statistically correct than 99% - I fail to see how occupying downtown Calgary is going to accomplish anything. (We'll really know it's over when Occupy Red Deer is proposed.)  Wall Street is, after all, the origin of the most egregious practices leading to the meltdown of 2008.  The rest of the world just bought the crap WS was selling on the basis of robo-recommendations from the Street's favourite whores; the ratings agencies.  (Not to mention the sleepy, incestuous relationship government regulators had with WS.)  The real test of OWS lies ahead, however.  How do you keep going in winter weather under the daily threat of being booted out by the NYPD?  The answer might be that a lot of the protesters aren't the motley "campers" getting by on pizza and love.  The vast majority seem to show up for scheduled events (like last Saturday's "global" event), and then return to the 'burbs or their apartments overnight before heading downtown for the next rally du jour.  (What else really is there to do when you've given up looking for work?)  My prediction?  The anarchists and hoodlums and hangers-on will be the first to go (because unlike Toronto and Vancouver, NYC doesn't coddle lawlessness).  However, the peaceniks, unemployed, unionists, and foreclosed will still be there next spring, perhaps in even greater numbers.

The Good News: Occupy Out Here ain't happening!