Saturday, November 12, 2011

Do I HAVE to Watch the Video?

Computer "hacking" Out Here
Let me admit right off the bat that I am not a "techie" (that's what we used to call "geeks" back in the olden days).  I tend to drag my feet on technology; first and foremost because I'm concerned about privacy, and secondly because the cost of IT goes down over time.  (To wit: my favourite e-mail program was Netscape up until a few months ago, and THE BEST investment in computers I ever made was the recycled netbook I bought for $150 that I am typing this on.)  Finally, we live out here in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and get our internet via radio waves that seem, ahem, a bit tardy at times, thus potentially thwarting any cutting-edge technology even if I had it.  (Let's just say High Frequency Trading is not for me.)  My pet peeve for the day is that most sites I visit these days - be they financial, political or whimsical (sometimes it's difficult to tell which is which) want me to watch a video of some event or speech rather than just giving me the description or text of same.  I'm not talking here about family pics and vids (those grandkids truly are the brightest and best looking on the planet, nice too, smart too ... but I digress), I'm talking about the serious stuff - where the written word should be paramount.  I hate waiting for a video to load, only to watch it play for 5 seconds while I'm trying to adjust the volume in two of two sliders, then deciding to full-screen it or not, wait for another ten-second "loading", watch for 5 seconds before being interrupted again, etc.  Just give me the text to read, dammit!  And bring back Netscape!

The Good News:  Those grandkids are here for the weekend!