Friday, November 4, 2011

Georgia WMD Geezers

Or maybe blow off some ricin!
From the Los Angeles Times:  "Federal officials arrested four members of a Georgia militia group Tuesday, alleging that the men were planning to attack state and federal buildings with guns and explosives.  They say the men also intended to deploy the deadly toxin ricin in some cities, including Atlanta; one suspect described a plan to blow the substance out of a moving car on the freeway.  The four men ... 73, 67, 65, and 68 ... were "members of a fringe group of a known militia organization" called the "covert group," which held clandestine meetings in the northeast Georgia foothills.  Unbeknown to the men, the group was being monitored by a government source who recorded its meetings, and, later, by an undercover federal agent pretending to be an arms dealer.  One described a "bucket list" of government workers, politicians, corporate leaders and members of the media who he thought needed to be "taken out" to "make the country right again," according to the document. "When it comes to saving the Constitution, that means some people gotta die," he allegedly said at one point.  In a September meeting of the group, Crump said he wanted to make 10 pounds of ricin to "disperse ... in various United States cities, including Atlanta," and "described a scenario for dispersing the ricin ... in which the toxin would be blown from a car traveling on the interstates." Last month, [the agent] allegedly provided Crump with a sample of the beans used to make ricin.  On Saturday, Crump told the informant he was going to "shell the beans that week." The Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested all four men Monday.  Two were charged with conspiracy to receive unregistered firearms.  Two were charged with attempting to produce a biological agent for use as a weapon."

The Good News:  And I thought our golden years might be too sedate!