Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Media Responsibility

Self, with halo.  Believe it!
It has recently dawned on this inveterate blogger the quite awesome responsibility that new media wields.  I started out doing this almost two years ago for fun, on a dare from friends and family as previously noted.  The urge to write has long been a curse for me.  I love it.  Words and word-smithing fascinate me.  ("Ya shoulda been a lawyer, Balf!")  And for some reason, people don't mind reading my blather (whether or not they agree with me) - all dozen or so of you!  But suddenly this week I have come to realize the awesome responsibility that goes with blogging, tweeting, and other forms of "new media".  First, there were several complaints from US politicians about "irresponsible bloggers", followed by similar outbursts from several CEOs whose companies had been tarnished online.  In neither case did I fret too much, as it turned out the bloggers involved were being truthful and their only transgression was that they were scooping the more mainstream "old media".  (Politicians and CEOs seem to love new media when it furthers their cause, but complain like hell when it doesn't.)  Oh sure, I've heard the ads for "Reputation Defender" on the radio ad nauseum, but never really worried too much about that, either.  Then came some tweets about plagiarism in new media.  (I'll be a bit more fastidious about quoting my sources from now on as a result.)  Then came the realization that rumours of rumours from Europe were coinciding exactly with various gyrations on my stock-trading platform.  (I earn my keep these days as a day trader.)  And the final whack to the head came as I watched the World Series.  I had left my netbook on while watching the one-eyed monster, and out of the corner of my eye could see this website's revolving globe (bottom at right).  Every time a new viewer read my blog their location would pop up briefly: New York (New York), Council Bluffs (Iowa), Halifax (Nova Scotia), Eureka (Montana), Victoria (British Columbia), Dresden (Germany), Wichita (Kansas), and so on.  And it strangely was this last experience, that digital orb, that affected me the most - the seemingly person-to-person yet anonymous connection through the ether that made me realize that you folks deserve only the best, most accurate and up-to-date from Yours Truly.  Ye shall have it!