Friday, November 18, 2011

The Problem With OWS

Occupy Wall Street has a problem (well, it probably has a few if the truth be known - principally not being co-opted by a bunch of anarchists, commies, and deadbeats).  Its other major problem, however, is that while many people across the country and indeed around the world probably sympathize with drawing attention to the out-of-control bailed-out fat-cat bankers and asleep-at-the-switch financial regulators responsible for the 2008 meltdown and the ensuing economic malaise, the burden of protest is falling on a thousand or so who continue to show up in downtown NYC.  (Let's face it, occupying Oakland, Calgary, and Great Falls entirely misses the point about Wall Street in my view.)  As time goes on, it is apparent that the core protest group is becoming an elite 1% itself, losing 99% of its followers and potential supporters because the good people in Livingstone, MT, and Palm Harbor, FL, don't have a meaningful way to participate (and frankly don't want to be associated with dreadlocked druggy drummers).  What is needed is a more thoughtful approach to encourage national protest, such as the recent "Bank Transfer Day" - or OWS will become increasingly irrelevant.

The Good News: is still a secret.