Wednesday, November 9, 2011

R.I.P. Laptop

Another dinosaur.
The writing is on the wall.  "The laptop is dead."  And it's not just that medical authorities have concluded that laptops should be used anywhere but your lap because the heat generated has reproductive and possibly cancerous consequences for ... well, laps.  No, it's because of the advent of the "tablet" computer.  From the iPad to the Playbook and beyond, if you watch TV at night without a tablet to tap on - you're in the minority these days.  They will soon be as ubiquitous as cellphones.  As Joe Kernan said, Steve Jobs invented "something we didn't even know we needed" - but in the process he inadvertently killed off another whole product category.  (Towers are probably safe for now as employers might not want some computers leaving the premises, and hardcore gamers might even want something stationary as well, although admittedly I risk showing my ignorance of the latter here.)  No, it's the laptop that is the endangered species, folks.  Oh sure, you may love your laptop now, but when it needs replacing - or your sister lends you her tablet for the weekend - that's it, you'll be hooked and tablet-bound.  I guarantee it, because it happened to moi.

The Good News:  The investing crowd can take this to the bank.