Monday, November 14, 2011

The Teapublican Debate

CNBC's "Your Money, Your Vote" debate had it all.  Newt "Retread" Gingrich arguing with Maria Bartiromo instead of answering the question she asked about health care (twice). "Great White (undershirt) Hope" Mitt Romney stuttering through an answer to John Harwood on health care, despite giving advice on it "around the world".  (Mitty also defends the Bush tax cuts and says he'd download federal programs onto state governments.)  "Smiley" Santorum ... well, smiling.  "Slick" Rick Perry committing the Gaff of 2011 when he couldn't remember that third agency he wants to definitely shut down if elected.  (Oh yeah, the Dept. of Energy - hey I'm from Texas, energy isn't that big out here - gimme a break!)  Herman "Perv" Cain 999-ing every question, boldly.  He totally ignored Cramer's question about restoring Mom and Pop's trust in the stock market (and Jim let him get away with it!).  The "Other White (undershirt) Hope" Jon Huntsman non-answering Rick Santelli (who was on his best behaviour), and then proposing the nation be run like Utah (of course) where trust is apparently running rampant.  Michele "Tax 'em" Bachman sounding the most reasonable by far on tax reform ("everyone needs to pay something, even if it's just enough to buy two Happy Meals").  Ron "Doc" Paul saying the Constitution doesn't allow the feds to even have a Dept. of Education, and - of course - he'd "audit the Fed and then End the Fed".  (Read the book.)  He sympathized with Occupy Wall Street, and says everything that's wrong with America stems from the Fed (is there an echo in here?).  Most interesting point of the night: Romney wants to take on China full force, while Huntsman (who has by far the most experience as former U.S. Ambassador there - and a Chinese speaker to boot) admitted he has no pat answer on the China problem.  (A serious distinction between the two, above and beyond the fact Mormons rarely disagree in public.)  The winner of the debate, hands down: Michele Bachman, too bad she's a religious crazy.  Loser: CNBC talking heads, other than Bartiromo, for being too tolerant of non-answers.

The Good News:  Had a great weekend!