Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tighten Our Borders!

That's not a border, that's a pathway!
"It took a few hours riding in a car and a short muddy walk that ended with $4,000 in cash passed to a pair of alien smugglers, but those were the only obstacles Shaid Uddin faced in getting into Canada despite a previous deportation.  'With the help of my friend I met a Pakistani smuggler in a restaurant in New York.  He promised to bring me to Canada in exchange for $4,000,' Mr. Uddin told Canadian immigration officials later, when the Bangladeshi national tried to make his presence in Canada legal so he could settle with his wife in Montreal, whom he married over the telephone.  Mr. Uddin’s cross-border jaunt, revealed during his immigration fight in the Federal Court of Canada, highlights the porous nature of Canada’s long, unsecured border with the United States and the easy success of a thriving illegal alien smuggling business." (National Post)  Okay, time to beef up our Canadian border against those damn drug-runners and people-smugglers from south of the border I say!  How long must we put up with such infiltrations from the U.S. side?  It's a threat to our national security, dammit!  These illegal aliens from the States could be terrorists after all!  Roll out the chain-link fence and razor wire!  Enough is enough!  Put our drones in the air, build a shark-filled moat sea-to-sea, whatever!  Outrageous!  Egregious!  This has gone on long enough!  Just don't interfere with my Black Friday shopping down there, eh?

The Good News:  The secret will be revealed today!