Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas to You Too!

From John Ivison of The National Post:  "Like fighting in hockey, hearing politicians swear in public almost makes it worth sitting through all those boring questions about Kyoto and F35 fighter jets, with nary an answer at the end of them.  The last Question Period of the year was proceeding along in typically mundane fashion when Peter Kent, the Environment Minister, denigrated his NDP critic, Megan Leslie, for not attending the Durban conference on climate change. This inflamed the excitable Mr. Justin Trudeau, since the government decided not to accredit any opposition members, making it hard for them to attend. He leapt to his feet, shouted out: “You piece of sh–” and stared down the Conservative benches."  A chip off the old block, eh Justin?  All I can say is "it takes one to know one".  Western Canadians are sick and tired of Trudeaus - but don't worry, soon there won't be a Liberal Party banner to run under.