Wednesday, December 28, 2011


With all kinds of opportunities over the several weeks of this festive season to give (and get), we are all presented with at least one potential situation for re-presenting a present, ie. "re-gifting".  Ah, yes ... re-pack that schmaltzy sweater, re-wrap that soppy CD, re-box those uggly Uggs, and re-gift them to someone less, shall we say, discerning.  We all do it, and you're a prevaricator if you say you don't.  It's okay.  Re-gifting is actually a form of recycling if you think about it.  Recycling - that's good isn't it?  Of course it is!  So herewith, in the spirit of the season, are the 12 Rules of Re-Gifting (by MP Dunleavey of MSN Money):
1. Make sure you take out the previous gift card. (Duh!)
2. Don't mention the re-gift to anyone.
3. Use new wrapping paper.
4. Don't give hand-me-downs as regifts.  Regifts should be new and unused.
5. Keep track of who gives you a potential regift so you don't give it back to them.
6. Don't EVER regift candles, soap, random books, mysterious CDs, obscure software, cheesy jewelry, scarves, fruitcake, pens, picture frames, cologne, boxed sets of extinct bath products, videos, DVDs, socks, or obsolete small appliances. (Are you kidding?  What's left?)
7. Make sure your regift is clean.
8. Regifts can be funny, but make the prank crystal clear.
9. Don't give something you've owned for a while - the recipient may have seen it in your house.
10. Regifting champagne - or a bottle of any liquor - is just fine (unless it's really cheap or given to a confirmed abstainer).  Eventually every bottle will find a happy home.
11. Don't give products from defunct companies as the age of the regift is immediately obvious.
12. Sell your gifts on eBay or Kijiji instead of re-gifting them if you want. Everyone does it.