Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Routine Failure

No, I'm not talking here about failing on a routine basis, ie. routine failure, but rather the failure of a routine, ie. routine failure.  My routine, to be exact.  I like my routine just the way it is.  Interruptions to my routine are unwelcome - unless, of course, it's an old friend calling or my wife ... well, let's not go there.  In particular, I hate computer glitches, ISP interruptions, telemarketers, shopping trips, and missing a day in the stock market (especially when any of the former make me miss the latter).  My day-trading, blogging, reading, resting, projects, male-bonding, Friday nights out, and dozens of other weekly events are all intricately woven into my routine.  I have become a creature of habit.  I have made order out of the chaos in my universe.  On the other hand, I strangely don't mind a power outage, a complete blackout during a storm.  Being humbled by nature.  So maybe it's just that I don't mind routine failure due to disturbances that I think are either worthwhile or beyond human control - I just don't like routine failure caused by frivolity. Yes, that's it. Thanks for helping me work that out.