Thursday, January 26, 2012

Air Canada Abomination!

I can't help it.  If you're not in the mood for a rant today, it's time to change channels away from this one.  This whole pets-on-airplanes thing pisses me off.  First of all, I'm allergic to cats.  Second, I hate stinky four-legged house pets (although kept in the yard they're just fine).  And third, people who care more about their pets than their fellow man (in this case, paying airline passengers) are pathetic, self-centered a-holes.  Air Canada flight 603 from Halifax to Toronto on Wednesday morning was delayed for four hours after "Ripples" the cat got loose from its carry-on cage and hid inside the plane’s cockpit wiring.  The crew got all the passengers off the plane, and called maintenance crews into the cockpit to remove avionics panels and retrieve the cat.  They had to disassemble the cockpit!  Any damage caused by Ripples could have been potentially catastrophic if it occurred mid-air!  Some passengers were put on other flights, but many just had to wait - for four hours!  "Of course, the owner was primarily concerned about the safety of the cat,” said an Air Canada representative.  She should have been concerned about her own safety and the safety of her co-passengers!  "Ripples" was fine after his rescue and was allowed to join his owner and fly to Toronto when the flight finally took off.  I am not kidding you.  Air Canada allows passengers to bring cats or small dogs into the cabin area, provided the pet is in a carrier that is small enough to fit under the seat in front of its owner (except on flights to and from Hawaii).  (from an article by The National Post’s Jan Vykydal)  This is not funny folks, as the owner of this feline clearly thought it was in the interview that I saw.  Canada's air transport authority needs to put a stop to this madness NOW!  How many passengers were inconvenienced for FOUR hours by this bumbling idiot?  How many business meetings and personal appointments were missed in Toronto because of this cat?  How many business associates, family and friends waiting to greet the arrival of flight 603 were inconvenienced for FOUR hours?  What was the cost in dollars and permanently alienated passengers to Air Canada?  What was the dollar cost to the friends, families, and business associates of these passengers?  Stop the lunacy!  Join KPOP and KEEP PETS OFF PLANES!