Saturday, January 14, 2012

ESF Video Posts Mortem

My thoughts on Eric deCarbonnel's preceding five-part video series on the U.S. Exchange Stabilization Fund?  Interesing, disturbing, a little over-the-top, a little short on detail ... and scary.  The series is certainly thought-provoking.  As I said in introducing it, "...  a five-part video series by Eric deCarbonnel of Market Skeptics. As regular readers of this space know, I don't countenance conspiracy theories, and this is clearly one. However, as a result of these videos, I myself have read some of the background material referred to in the videos, and have found enough factual material there to present the series. There are a few assertions (eg. Kennedy assassinations) and word choices that I find unfortunate, but the videos are admittedly designed to wake people up. In fact sometimes I have to remind myself that he is talking about an economic entity at all. Some of the cause and effect is a little hard to follow (HIV segment) and swallow, but I urge readers to persevere to the end. Make sure you watch these videos in sequence. If half of what is presented is true, we should all be the better for having watched the series. I thank Mr. deCarbonnel for his effort."  That's pretty much the way I still feel.