Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gutless President Kills Keystone Pipeline

People appreciate men of principle.  Men who do the right thing.  Barack Obama has just done the wrong thing, and he knows it.  He has sold out at least 20,000 American jobs and a major step toward energy independence from the Middle East for a few votes from eco-terrorists and Hollywood flakes by rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline project.  He has also slapped America's closest ally and trading partner in the face.  We've fought beside his troops in Afghanistan, smuggled U.S. diplomats out of Iran, and welcomed Americans (and their companies) into our midst.  As a right-of-center diehard Obama supporter until now, I have defended his policies almost without exception.  All that changed today.  This decision is indefensible.  It is a decision that will lead to more environmental degradation, not less.  More than 70% of Alberta tar sands oil is no longer strip-mined.  Oil sands technology is a far cry from what it was even ten years ago.  Obama made this decision without even bothering to go there, and he decided to ignore three years of environmental impact studies.  Today's decision means more oil tankers cruising the world's oceans and, inevitably, more oil washing up on beaches and killing marine life off the west coast.  Barack Obama has decided to sacrifice common sense on the altar of political expediency.  And when common sense returns to the White House (if ever) it may be too late - a pipeline to BC's west coast and contracts to sell ethical oil to the rest of the world may be in place.  A gutless decision, just plain gutless.  Barack Obama, welcome to OH2's Pall of Shame.