Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekender: Three Dimensional Horror

Nice pecs.
The problem with mirrors is that as soon as you get more than one going the picture changes - and in my case, not for the better.  Sure, I look great for my age (if I say so myself) in a full frontal mirror, ie, one dimension (see pic at the bottom of this page), but when I see myself from the side a different picture (beer gut, receding hairline, etc.) emerges that is, well ... pretty scary.  (If you think you look good, Buddy, try a sideways view.  Hint: three mirrors are even more devastating than two, Mr. Adonis.)  Hey, maybe I should buy one of those circus sideshow House of Mirrors curvy ones that make you look skinny.  Or maybe I'll just stick with looking at myself in one dimension, the one I like.