Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Alberta Wildrose Alliance Party

Danielle Smith
"Leader Danielle Smith identifies herself as a fiscal conservative and - while she believes in libertarian principles - the party is home to many social conservatives. Two Wildrose task forces were created in late 2009 to help build party policy. The energy task force was to review controversial changes to the provincial oil royalty scheme and the process for energy transmission, both of which the Wildrose Party argues has damaged Alberta's economy. The second task force was to scrutinize the pay and benefits of MLAs and government employees. The party plans to launch additional task forces on agriculture and health care. Election reform is a focus of the Wildrose Alliance. The party proposes to set fixed election dates. It would allow more free votes in the legislature and would seek to elect the province's Senators rather than have them appointed. The party also plans to introduce a bill giving voters the right to recall their MLA. The Wildrose Party proposes numerous changes to how the province delivers health care, as well as controls on government spending. The party is also critical of international climate change treaties, believing corruption and politicization have surfaced in the scientific peer review process, thus climate change science remains inconclusive. Opposing politicians have criticized the Wildrose Party's policies as vague and undefined (including the topic of gun ownership). Polling indicated that the party had retained the support of 25% of the electorate throughout 2010 but by July 2011, the Wildrose's support had fallen to 16%, while PC support had risen to 51%." (Wikipedia)  I know.  You haven't stopped laughing long enough to absorb a single word since seeing Danielle Smith's campaign bus(t) picture.  Do Albertan's really want these people promoting our province to the world?  Seriously?